Sunday, September 4, 2011

In search of employment

नौकरी की तलाश

कहते हैं वोह कि उनको अफलातून चाहिए ।

चाँद तक रॉकेट भेज सके जो सात दिनों में
लाइलाज दिल की फसादी कर सके जो सात घंटों में
जोहार को तोड़ आलम अखरात दिखा सके जो सात मिनटों में ।

मैंने कहा अफलातून तो मैं कभी बन नहीं सकता
मगर दिल से सुकरात की बड़ी इज्ज़त करता हूँ
अगर चाहिए तो सुकरात बनके दिखा दूं?
आखिर सुकरात तो अफलातून के भी उस्ताद थे ।

जबाब आया कि गर अफलातून के उस्ताद हो तो फिर,
सुकरात की तरह -- ज़हर का प्याला ख़त्म कर सकते हो क्या?

सात पलों में ।

 In search of employment 

They say that they are looking for someone like Plato.

One, who can send a rocket to the moon in seven days,
Perform surgery on an incurable heart in seven hours,
Split the atom to create an alternate universe in seven minutes.

I told them, I cannot ever become like Plato,
But my heart is full of respect -- for Socrates.
I can strive to be like him, if you wish,
Socrates, after all, was a teacher to Plato.

They said, if you think you are indeed Plato's teacher,
Like Socrates -- can you empty out a cup full of poison? 

In seven seconds.


  1. bahut khoob janab! zahar pikar naukri mili thi kya?

  2. Does the figure 7 has any special meaning here?

  3. people somehow laugh when i tell them(upon asking), that i'm a phd in philosophy.yes literally.
    and they reply " you can argue well"!
    hail babu,even your poems are political.

  4. Janab anonymous: Shukriya. Mili thi, par zahar nahin peena pada tha!

    Dear aativas: The number seven is often used when one talks about tasks, which are beyond the capabilities of men. For example, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition, God made the universe in seven days...actually six, since the seventh day was for rest...

    Dear anony - Thanks! I didn't intend it to be political though :-)

  5. So it is about a teacher on the eve of teacher's day.
    Happy teacher's Day.

  6. A happy teacher's day to you DLR!