Monday, February 4, 2013

Too old for this stuff...

This weekend, I was watching a late night movie with Dhanno ki Amma.

The 1993 made  movie, 'In the Line of Fire', is an action thriller about a veteran secret service agent, Frank Horrigan (played by Clint Eastwood), who lost president Kennedy to an assassin in Dallas. Horrigan is tormented by an ex-CIA assassin gone nuts, Mitch Leary (played by John Malkovich). Leary wants to assassinate the president at the time, and Horrigan would do everything humanly possible to stop him.

The movie has a pretty intense scene, where the president hits the campaign trial, and a disguised Leary sits in the audience. At an opportune moment, Leary bursts a few balloons with a contraption he is carrying, driving the security detail into a frenzy. When people realize that it was a false alarm, there is a lot of yelling and cursing, directed at Horrigan. At the end of the long day, Horrigan is shown having a drink with his colleague, Sam Campagna.

Campagna tells Horrigan, "Dammit Frank, you are too old for this shit. You should retire."

At this point in the movie, I already had a couple of drinks, and I was nursing a third one. At the same time, I was looking up some interesting information on the movie on my laptop, which is quite old and moody, to say the least. Since I wasn't having much luck with the computer, I shut its lid down with an audible snap, and said something under my breath, that I probably shouldn't have.

As I placed my laptop next to my wife's, which is also quite old, I swear that I heard it say to mine, "Dammit Frank, you are too old for this shit. You should retire."

Now, I am just trying to figure out who named my laptop Frank.  I always called it Joe. You should know the names of your drinking buddies.


  1. Haha..i call my lappy - Dabba. Nicely written.

    I liked ur blog so I have nominated you for 'Liebster award', details are present at my blog. :)

  2. Yo! Desi Babu, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Congrats! Please find the details on my blog :)

  3. Dear flames-of-thoughts and Guspazha,

    Thanks for your kindness. My biggest award is that you choose to read the peanut express from time to time.


  4. Good stuff again :-)

    levitation lessons going well, one hopes - en route to nirvana,,,,me i was trying to walk on water with a drink in hand, and learnt a very important lesson ,,,,unnecessarily diluted nectar tastes awful, jez so terrible i tell ya.