Friday, December 17, 2010

But Ghalib has a different style

It is that time of the year again. Things are cold and gloomy. People are a little depressed. And alcohol is much in demand. Those who can, write poetry. Those who cannot, simply borrow from others. If you have to borrow, why not borrow from the best?

I can't think of anyone else but Mirza Ghalib. When you need two lines that combine a drink with poetry (shaken, not stirred with gloom), he is the best. They used to say, "....but Ghalib has a different style of describing things (par Ghalib ka hai andaaz-e-bayan aur)..."

مجھ  تک   کب  ان  کی  بزم  میں  آتا  تھا  دور -ا -جام
ساقی  نے  کچھ  ملا  نہ  دیا  ہو  شراب  میں

Mujh Tak Kab Un Kii Bazm MeiN Aataa Thaa Daur-E-Jaam
Saaqii Ne Kuchh Milaa Na Diyaa Ho Sharaab Mein.

When -- in her party-- would a drink ever come to me.
(And now that I have it, I hope).. the bartender hasn't mixed something into it.